LARRY goes live!

by ninhofficoffi

And, just like that, with very little fanfare, Rydyn Ni’n Hoffi Coffi software has published its first game on the Google Play store.

LARRY the gerbil is a completely free mini game that challenges you to navigate a randomly generated maze; once with full overview of the layout, then again with only LARRY’s line of sight illuminated. There are local leaderboards and a cute little statistical system that will pop up a random fact at the end of every playthrough, but LARRY is fundamentally about just getting something out there for people to use, to introduce the world of LARRY and to start getting feedback over how well everything works.

LARRY began as a weekend project, for a family Christmas present, but with a little more polish it felt good enough to release to the world. Polish that took half an order of magnitude more than the ten hours I had expected, but most features that I had looked to include are now part of the package, and it will be interesting to see how robust the overall software is. There is no doubt that some of the code looks written to a deadline, but I have tried it on a few devices without running into any major issues.

With that, I’m going to head off to my day job. If LARRY gets downloaded even a couple of times, I’ll be calling that a success. If you want to try it for yourself, here’s the link:

Android app on Google Play